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Our innovative design delivers better conversations and more successful campaigns.

Make the best calls first

James automatically identifies and prioritises the most promising records. James also saves you from calling low-likelihood prospects - shuffling the least promising calls to the end of the list.

Your prospects are more likely to get a call that’s relevant and interesting to them, and you reach your campaign target much quicker, saving you time and money.


Simple Screens

Our simple, proven user interface means your callers will have all the information they need for a successful call right in front of them.

That makes their job easier, and sets things up for a smooth and professional presentation.



When you set up your campaign you’ll be taken through a compliance process to make sure your campaign is within the legal boundaries for calling and data protection.

You’ll complete a GDPR-level audit for each campaign, and James will store this record so you can prove you did everything right.

Our unique list-building app enables you to use new prospect data without getting caught up in personal data processing.


You’re in control

With James you stay in control of your campaign from start to finish.

You decide how much you want to spend, and you can pull the plug at any point, just paying for what you’ve used.

When a campaign is finished, James doesn’t keep any of the data. Your list remains yours throughout, so you don’t have to worry that someone else is misusing the information.


Custom Campaigns

James lets you build and run a bespoke call campaign without IT expertise. Because James is a cloud platform, your callers can be based anywhere with a phone and a browser, seamlessly working on the same project.


Evaluate and learn

James will generate clear, comprehensive reports showing you how things went, so you can feed the results back into designing your next campaign.