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The traditional method of outsourcing call campaigns requires you to hand your contact lists over to the call centre. But you are still accountable for the way they’re used under the GDPR. That means you need to be sure their processes are watertight, because you won’t have any control over what they’re doing with the data.

Research has shown that many agencies simply do not have the required systems or processes in place that meet the exacting standards of the GDPR. Clients are right to avoid such agencies despite the advantages of specialisation and economy an agency will provide in running campaigns.

With regulation at the heart of the James platform, you can be confident the process of leveraging value from your marketing data is lawful.

Running your own campaign with James gives you total control over how your lists are used. It also means you can be more agile, adapting your campaign as it progresses and responding to new opportunities.

You use your own team, so you can be confident they know what they’re talking about. You decide when your campaign will start and finish, so you can budget accurately (though James will probably help you reach your target early, so the campaign might cost less than you thought).

And when you’ve finished, you take your data with you - James doesn’t keep any of it.

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