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Before you run any call campaign with James, you’ll be taken through a compliance pathway to make sure you’ll be operating within the regulations. You’ll have a record of the process to prove you considered the protection of personal data.


Sometimes, you’ll want to do some desk research to find details of other businesses you think might be interested in what you’re offering.

Did you know that under the GDPR you can’t create your own list with the names and contact details of those businesses, unless those individuals have given their clear consent? That means your only option is to call using details straight from the source-of-data webpage, with no way of creating an independent record on a system which would allow you control or be efficient with your calling campaign.

James’s innovative list-building function means you can create a list to work through without storing any personal information. James simply stores a non-personal, anonymised source URL, taking you back to the webpage when you want to make the call. As you work through your list, you can then supply privacy assurances, ask for consents and legitimately fill out the record with further personal details. Such completed records then become legitimately acquired with full consent legal basis of processing.

Under the new regulations, you must renew the consent you have to contact someone every two years. James has been designed to make it easy to re-confirm consents for those data-sets processed under consent legal basis - or even to run bespoke consent campaigns to ensure you don’t lose your data…

Legitimate Interest Assessments

Under new GDPR, if you intend to make calls to unconsented data, you have to prove you have considered the protection of personal data through a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA). James writes this report for you while you set up your new new call campaign, and will store the LIA as proof of your compliance.

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