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Frequently asked questions

You can upload existing client lists to James in CSV format through Excel or similar applications.
There’s no upfront cost. Instead James has unique pay-as-you-go pricing, so you only pay for those records you upload in a list. No IT overhead costs, no software licensing, integration cost or training fees required – just a browser and a phone.
No - James is a standalone tool that complements, rather than replaces, your CRM system. It’s been specifically designed for focused calling campaigns with features such as a simple, customisable interface and predictive record selection making it fit for purpose.
300,000 hours of production design went into creating James’s simple, user-friendly interface. With no tabs to click through, all the information your call agents need can be found on one single screen. No more scrambling for information while trying to keep up with a conversation over the phone.
You can choose when you want James to delete the list so none of the data is stored on James permanently. If you forget to delete the list yourself, James will delete it on a pre-arranged date (usually the end of a campaign) so you don’t have to worry.
James will produce reports based on short questions that will reassure you of compliance. This will range from a legitimate interest report, which will be taken into account during a GDPR balance test, to a fully integrated interface that can help you manage data that already has consents. And what’s more, James pushes the legal basis information for each record in your data-set to the calling-agent interface - your agents are able to respond confidently to questions from prospects around the data source and legal basis of processing
James is very adaptable and can be used for many different types of campaigns: event invite, surveying, lead-generation, prospecting, appointment setting, recall, or financial recovery to name a few.
Depending on how your data is presented, James can order your prospect list from the most promising records to the least. This way, callers can focus on the best records and achieve their target number of successful outcomes more quickly. Using the same intelligent algorithm, James will ‘down’ certain records from calling - the size of the list will therefore be reduced, as will the cost of the campaign.
James has many analytic functions so you can analyse your campaign while it is running and when it is finished. By using these analytics to inform your campaign strategy you can alter and change your campaign to get the most positive outcome.
James was designed to be simple and intuitive, with algorithms that do the job of an experienced campaign manager and clear reports to show you progress. It takes you through every step, from setting up your campaign, compliance and running your team to at-a-glance reporting at the end.