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The human voice is a powerful tool.
Use it to reach your customers and grow your business

James is a new way of doing phone campaigns.

It’s a cloud-based platform that anyone can use to build and run their own call campaign, whether you’re an established contact centre or a small business.

All you need is a browser and a list of people to call.

Find out how it works

Make fewer calls.
Have better conversations

James puts the most promising calls to the top of the list, so you’ll achieve your campaign goals more quickly. The simple interface makes your callers’ job much easier, so they can concentrate on having great conversations.

James is a secure, streamlined platform that’s been designed specifically for call campaigns. It doesn’t replace your CRM system, but it’s a much better way of leveraging your data for voice marketing.

James is easy to use alongside most CRM systems, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Insightly and Capsule. Simply export your list as a CSV file and get started with James.

James is a standalone platform with pay-as-you-go pricing and no ongoing commitment: a tool you can pick up whenever you need it.


Show your customers you respect their data and their privacy.


Know that your campaign ticks all the legal boxes.


A flexible, pay-as-you-go system, so you only pay for what you use.

An opportunity for conversation that email can’t match.

James can help you run a voice campaign on any scale for any purpose:

  • Product launches
  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Upselling
  • Renewals
  • Subscriptions
  • Financial control
  • Receive feedback
  • Appointment setting
  • Following up
  • Market research
  • Customer re-activation
  • Event invitation
  • Product recall

What about the regulations?

James has been built with all the relevant regulations front of mind, including PECR and GDPR.

The platform takes you through a compliance pathway, so you can be sure your campaign is lawful before you start.

What’s more

James keeps a record of the processes required as evidence of compliance, which you simply add to your existing policies and manuals. Should you ever need to, you can prove you did everything right.