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James has a unique metrics design, providing you with detailed analytics that let you evaluate your campaign as it’s running. You can measure the campaign’s success and root out any problems that might be preventing you from getting the best results possible.

The Funnel

James organises approaches prospects through account-based marketing. The system’s database is organised by accounts - companies and departments etc - with multiple prospects grouped within the same account. This is helpful as it allows you to store businesses data, but it also helps you better analyse your interactions.

  • When you contact a prospect in an account, you are first confirming that this contact has potential for you to pursue. You must then locate and contact the decision-maker within that account, and finally you talk to them to get a positive outcome.

  • When you are running a campaign, each of your prospects has the potential to progress through different stages: Started, Work-in-progress, Follow-up, and Complete outcomes.

James correlates both of these status properties so that callers know at what exact stage each contact is at, and can alter their strategy accordingly.

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